Recording solutions for hybrid, virtual, and in-court proceedings

Liberty Court Recorder (LCR) is an audio/video recording program designed to run on a Windows-based PC.  LCR can record and playback multiple channels of audio and video, and it supports the requirements of hybrid courts, as well as fully virtual and fully in-court configurations.  The system also includes bookmark and text notes features that allow tab stops for instant cuing and text to be embedded directly into the resulting recording files.

Looking to upgrade your court recording system with a modern and integrated solution that is easy to use and affordable?

How does it work?

LCR records the audio and (optionally) the video from the proceedings to a PC’s hard drive. The hard drive may be located on either the local PC or on a central server elsewhere in a network. After a recording is complete, the file may be saved as a PDF file with the associated notes, cue points and media (audio and video). The recordings may also be transcribed or moved to any other PC-compatible storage device. The files may be moved throughout a network just like any other type of file.

Easily and efficiently streamline documentation workflows

Support for hybrid courts, fully virtual courts, and fully in-court configurations.

Capture each participant in their own audio and video recording channel.

Support multiple, simultaneous translators.

Support for multiple in-court cameras.

Support for playing recordings on Windows and Mac computers, Android devices, and Apple iPads.

Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and Noise Reduction for the clearest possible audio playback.

A bookmark feature that allows bookmarks/cue stops with text notes to be embedded into the audio file.

Confidence monitoring and the ability to playback the audio and video, while continuing to record the proceedings.

The ability to Stream the recording to a Microsoft Media Server for further re-distribution.

National Institute of Standards and Technology approved encryption.

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