Advanced voice capture and speech productivity software 

Dolbey dictation, transcription, and speech recognition systems are world-renowned workflow and speech productivity solutions that enable users to efficiently manage their dictation and speech-enabled documentation processes. Dolbey delivers workflow technology that removes manual processes from your dictation and transcription processes, saving your organization TIME! 

Fusion Narrate

Cloud-based speech recognition and workflow automation. Dictate directly into any EHR, and speech- enable any application with Fusion Narrate. Use voice shortcuts to speed up what you're doing, wherever you are - you can even use your phone as your microphone.

Fusion Expert

Accurate speech recognition, built for radiology. Superior image reporting with on-premise speech recognition. Streamline workflows and maximize revenue potential.

Fusion SpeechEMR

Flexible, compatible on-premise speech recognition solution. Insert recognized text into any free form text area without specialized interfacing or integration to the third-party application.

Fusion Text

Faster, more precise transcription and editing. Back-end speech editor and transcription platform. Manage reports from dictation to signature and distribution to final document archival. Improve editing productivity with flexible, configurable routines and customizable work pools.

Atom Dictation

Workgroup dictation workflow management system. From small to medium sized hospitals and medical transcription service organizations to clinics, physician offices, law offices, police departments and insurance companies, more depend on Atom to run their daily business of dictation than any other system.

Fusion Voyager

Efficient, structured mobile dictation app. Filter and organize your patient list and review or make dictations. Available for all iOS devices. 

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