Nuance Dragon Legal Group

This enterprise speech-recognition software allows for easy, open communication and access to client information for all members of your practice.


An Enterprise Solution Fit For Any Size Practice

Even if you have a small legal practice, client documentation can pile up, get backlogged, and be incorrectly transcribed, which can lead to big problems for your small practice. Large legal practices are at an even greater risk for these issues, which can result in non-compliance and billing issues.

Dragon Legal Group

Dragon® Legal Group can help your legal practice avoid these issues by offering the following benefits:

99% accuracy from a vocabulary of over 400 million words culled from legal documents
Saves time and money on transcription costs by allowing users to instantaneously create client documentation and eliminates human error during the transcription phase
Easy deployment throughout your legal practice that allows you to measure and manage the software on multiple desktops with the help of the Nuance User Management Center
Easy document sharing allows you and your support staff access to client documentation so you can spend less time searching for paperwork and more time with clients
Flexible licensing programs that are budget friendly for both large and small legal practices

Why Upgrade to Dragon® Legal Group

icon It is cost effective since administrators can easily assign or even switch a licensing key instead of purchasing a new one
icon The Nuance User Management Center (NUMC) gives managers and high-level administrative staff the ability to manage and control users and groups as well as manage who has access to what documentation, ensuring the safety and security of your client documentation
icon Dragon Legal Group includes automatic formatting of legal citations, which speeds up document turnaround, which streamlines your workflow and your billing ability
Dragon Legal Group

Contact us now to find out how Dragon Legal Group can work for your legal practice by increasing overall efficiency and satisfaction, streamlining workflows, and increase revenue, without adding more support staff.