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Law Enforcement

iRecord is the first system of its kind to be designed from the ground up for the ERI (Electronic Recording of Interrogations) application.

The iRecord Vi system has been co-designed by a select group of detectives and law enforcement professionals who have told us what THEY WANT in their ULTIMATE ERI system.Untitled

Our mission was to “create something that was easier to use than a VCR” but “eliminate the incredible complexity and proprietary nature of digital recording” so interviewers can do what they do best.

Our customers will tell you we have succeeded in a major way to bring the most simple to use, but powerful ERI system to market. Our system is based on industry standards such as MPEG and Windows Media technologies. All systems are based on the Microsoft Windows operating system to ensure full compatibility and expansion for many years to come.

All the power you need for ERI at the touch of a button.

 Detectives and Investigators:

  • Achieve 100% compliance with new State and Federal mandates
  • ONE TOUCH Recording that is actually EASIER to operate than a standard VHS-replace with “DVR” recorder
  • Enjoy the inherent time-saving features, unlike a Digital Video Recorder
  • Easily duplicate selected portions of interviews to CD or DVD
  • Remove-Eliminate the use of “bulky” Analog audio cassette and Video VHS tapes by transitioning digital recordings that utilize CD/DVD technology
  • Search and retrieve all annotations and audio/video associated with a particular interview at the click of a mouse
  • Legal Prosecution & Defense

Other Benefits:

  • Produce superior quality digital video and audio recordings
  • Gain immediate access to relevant interrogation recordings
  • Make personal case-relevant notes about the case while reviewing audio/video
  • Save valuable review time with superior quality recordings
  • Save time while creating presentations for courtrooms
  • Improve productivity without changing established operating procedures.
  • Effortlessly share recordings via CD or DVD or your local area network
  • Achieve quick return on investment (ROI)




Digital Recording of Child Forensic Interviews was found to enhance the ability of prosecutors to file appropriate charges. The ability to see the demeanor and facial expression of the child was helpful in obtaining timely prosecutions. iRecord is a Digital Video Recording and Management System for interview rooms.

Child Advocacy Centers

ca_img01One such center is Chaucie’s Place, Child Advocacy Center in Hamilton County Indiana

Who was Chaucie?

Chaucie Quillen was born on September 3, 1974. Her father had been sexually abusing her since she was 11 years of age.

Chaucie found the courage to report her abuse when she was 18. Her father was prosecuted, but after a two-week trial the jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict. The case was subsequently resolved through plea negotiations and Chaucie’s father received a sentence on charges of sexual battery.

The strain of her abuse by her father and the inability of the legal system to adequately address her case took its toll and on December 26, 1995 Chaucie took her own life. Everyone involved in Chaucie’s case wondered what could have been done differently and how to prevent this outcome from happening to other victims of abuse in Hamilton County.

iStock_000006944367SmallFrom the Child’s View

From the child (victim) standpoint, if we have a high quality interview, it may help our case get resolved without having that child come into court and testify and go through the process all over again. In addition, it adds to the credibility of the case and documents exactly how the child disclosed, as well as the types of interview questions that were used.