Take the pain out
of filing a claim

With Dragon® Professional

With increased claims quotas and increased pressure to create accurate documentation, claim agents, insurance adjusters, and insurance, and insurance investigators are turning to speech-recognition solutions to solve these problems. Dragon® Professional Group and Dragon® Professional Individual are amazing speech-recognition solutions that can help your insurance agency, no matter what size it is, grow and expand above and beyond forecasted industry growth rates.

Dragon® Professional

Dragon® Professional

Dragon® Professional Speech Recognition Ensures Your Documentation is Accurate

Field reporting can be cumbersome without the right tools, like top-notch speech-recognition software and the right dictation device, so the results are inaccurate or incomplete documentation. This is just aspect of insurance claims reporting that can be improved with Dragon® Professional Group or Individual. The software enables agents to create documents three times faster than typing, all with 99% accuracy.

Process more accurately documented claims, more quickly, and streamline workflows while increasing both employee and customer service and satisfaction.

Customize the software so it is insurance industry specific. Your individual agents, adjusters, and investigators can also customize their software to include words and phrases they use most frequently to further streamline their workflows.

Litigation departments of insurance agencies are using Dragon® Dictate Legal to create secure digital documentation instantaneously, reducing the amount of time they spend processing text and increasing the amount of time they have to do valuable tasks.

No Claim is Too Large, No Insurance Agency is Too Small To Get Benefits

With the range of speech-recognition options at your disposal, Dragon® Professional Group or Individual, there is something right for your insurance agency. Large insurance agencies with in-house claims litigation departments will benefit from implementing Dragon® Dictate Legal. Dragon® Professional will help your adjusters, claim agents, and investigators streamline their workflows to easily handle large or complicated claims.

With just one simple voice command, they can share dictated documentation with one another instantly and have a hard copy printed up back at the office. Dragon speech-recognition software makes it easy for your insurance company to increase efficiency, decrease time spent in front of computer, and reduce costs associated with inaccurate or incomplete documentation.