Crescendo Medical Transcription Software Solutions:

MedRite-XL is a complete and modular network solution dedicated to the specific needs of the healthcare environment, from transcription to report distribution. The most advanced transcription system on the market, MedRite-XL allows thousands of healthcare facilities worldwide to streamline internal processes and improve transcription productivity regardless of the complexity of the documentation workflow.

MedRiteXL Brochure


MedRite-XL provides transcriptionists with all the tools necessary to efficiently produce accurate and timely reports. The system provides easy navigation, word expansion utilities, automatic template pull up and the population of demographics, unclear dictation markers and Post-it notes for flagging difficulties.


The system supervisor has complete control over the medical transcription workflow thanks to the ability to configure all MedRite-XL components (routing, distribution, user connection, etc.) without interrupting the system operation. Detailed management reporting also provides full visibility over productivity levels. The system also features complete Billing and Pay Management functions.

Essential Time Savings:

Eliminates Repetitive Typing

> Reduces Keystrokes

> Easily Flags Difficulties

> Automatic Template Pull Up

> Post-it Note Functionality

> Automated Report Distribution

> Optimized for Speech Recognition

Distribution Capabilities:

> Automated Distribution

> Print, E-mail or Fax Reports

> Import and Export of Files

> Electronic Signature Available