At WahlTek we don’t JUST SELL products; we provide SOLUTIONS.

With over 30 years of hands-on experience with consulting, proposing, installing, training and supporting systems, we focus on what solution the Customer will benefit most from.

This consultative approach with the Customer is why we normally offer more than just one manufacturer of products or systems. We understand no one manufacturer in our markets provides a superior solution nor does every product fit the needs of every Customer. Sometimes we mix and match products from different manufacturers to obtain a “best of breed” solution for our Customer.

Why would we do that? Simple, WahlTek is the organization who is on the front line daily looking our Customers in the eye and supporting them after the system or product is installed and users trained.

Digital Dictation

We offer digital dictation systems and products from various manufactures to allow Customers to choose which product would fit their needs the best.

Voice Recognition

Transcribing recorded speech is a time consuming process and like most medical or legal environments today, your organization’s work flow is probably slowed down, if not severely impacted by dictation backlogs. This prevents your staff from providing optimal customer service or even worse, patient care.

Software for Medical Transcription

A complete dictation-to-distribution software dedicated to the very needs of health care facilities experiencing intensive documentation work flows. Real-time voice playback, fast typing features, and automatic distribution reports to hundreds of recipients simultaneously.

Hosted Dictation and Transcription

VoiceBridge service offers your Professional a dependable digital dictation system with 24 X 7 accesses via the nearest touch-tone telephone.

Conference/Meeting Recording

Check out our conference and meeting recording options from FTR, Philips, Olympus and Vericore. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for or have questions, please drop us an email or call us. We are sure we can be of assistance to you.

911/Call Center Recording Systems

We offer outstanding call center solutions from Eventide and Verint. From a small 911 call center to a very large financial organization customer service center, WahlTek is able to provide competitive solutions with that local personal experience only on-site sales and support representatives can provide.

Audio/Video Interview Recording

iRecord is the first system of its kind to be designed from the ground up for the ERI (Electronic Recording of Interrogations) application.
The iRecord Vi system has been co-designed by a select group of detectives and law enforcement professionals who told iRecord developers what they wanted in their ULTIMATE ERI system.