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Housed in a Class V Data Center, VoiceBridgeEX-SpeechMotion meets or exceeds patient confidentiality and data encryption requirements.  Providing the fastest, most reliable connection speeds available.

State-of-the-Art Technology VoiceBridgeEX-SpeechMotion Enterprise is a State-of-the-Art product suite encompassing voice capture, speech recognition, distribution and e-signature applications for healthcare documentation. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), VoiceBridgeEX-SpeechMotion is flexible, reliable and budget friendly.  Designed to handle high volumes and complex workflows that will give any size organization, from a single-practitioner office to a multi-facility hospital, the efficiency and productivity gains required to compete in today’s competitive healthcare environment.  VoiceBridgeEX-SpeechMotion Enterprise is the right choice for modern healthcare facilities.

Time-tested for over a decade, VoiceBridgeEX-SpeechMotion’s  built-in, user-friendly documentation and management tools improve efficiency by centralizing common tasks that are often decentralized in many legacy  systems. From workflow monitoring to statistics reporting, VoiceBridgeEX-SpeechMotion Enterprise provides for all the managerial and technical needs of its users.

HIM and transcription managers originally designed VoiceBridgeEX-SpeechMotion Enterprise for flexibility and cost-effective customization, allowing the platform to easily adapt to any environment for transparent integration and full inter-operability.  Enterprise’s ability to customize to your organization’s unique requirements minimizes the need for change on the part of your users, improving adoption rates and streamlining implementation. Seamless integration, VoiceBridgeEX-SpeechMotion Enterprise works behind the scenes, gathering dictation and pairing it with patient information from your existing system. Dictation is sent for transcription or back-end speech recognition, depending on utilization.  As documents are completed, they are delivered back to your existing workflow, including your EMR or other electronic storage, as well as to any combination of printing and faxing.

Over the years, VoiceBridgeEX-SpeechMotion Enterprise has been successfully integrated with a number of leading EMR systems, including, but not limited to: Epic, Cerner, McKesson, Meditech, OnBase, Allscripts, Centricity, and Logician – not to mention a number of ‘homegrown’ systems.

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