We are very excited to introduce a new option for your Philips digital dictation software.  Philips has the ability to integrate Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software along with your Philips software for BACKGROUND SPEECH RECOGNITION or “AUTO-TRANSCRIPTION”!

This simply means that dictations done on your Philips digital voice recorder or Smartphone App can be directed to Dragon for speech recognition in the background.  A draft document is created which can be routed either to YOU for editing or your ASSISTANT…or both.

Many Attorneys have attempted to use Dragon speech recognition over the years…but in many cases this attempt was NOT successful since the Attorney only had the option for front-end recognition with Dragon.  Front-end recognition forces the Attorney to create documents themselves. The truth is that Dragon is fairly hard to learn and the recognition accuracy has not been good enough for Attorneys to continue using the application.

With the introduction of the newest version of Dragon AND Philips all of that has changed!  The recognition accuracy with the new version of Dragon is GREAT and now you can use the background process which takes the Attorneys out of the Dragon equation altogether. Here’s how this works:

  1. You dictate a narrative document on your Philips voice recorder or Philips Smartphone app.
  2. That dictation is routed to Dragon either on your PC or your Assistant’s.
  3. The dictation is automatically picked up by Dragon where recognition takes place.
  4. The draft document resulting from Dragon’s recognition process is routed either to your Assistant, yourself or both.
  5. Editing is done from that document and finalized.

The primary benefit of this new option is greatly reduced time spent by your Assistant in handling transcription!  In fact we have benchmark studies showing a reduction of time for your Assistant in processing transcription between 25% and 35%.  Merely editing the dictated document takes much less time than doing original transcription.

In some cases Attorneys prefer to receive the draft document themselves for self-editing.  If you think about it…the turnaround time for draft documents then is minutes instead of hours!

Would you have a few minutes to see a brief demonstration of this great new option of background speech recognition using Dragon and your Philips?   Let me know.

We appreciate your business!

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